Our project

Cycling from Vancouver to the Arctic Ocean:
3800 miles to fight climate change
June 29th – September 20th 2007

Climate change is both an actual and an essential problem of today’s society. We, Jean and Nicolas, two brothers, have thus decided to cycle through some of the most affected regions in the world to gather the attitudes and concerns of their inhabitants. We hope it will help inform those who do not feel concerned by this issue. This trip will also give us an opportunity to compare and contrast different cultures, Jean living in Scotland and Nicolas in Canada, both having grown up in France.

Together, we will travel through the northwestern part of the American continent, cycling more than 3800 miles from Vancouver to the Arctic Ocean, in Prudhoe Bay. Part of our move to sensitize people will be meeting with professionnals of the environment, who will tell us their vision of the problem and the solutions they see, as well as the people living in the regions crossed (see the Meeting people section).

But we wholeheartedly wanted to include in that project those who will be the most affected by climate change: the next generation, today’s children; they are the ones who will face its tragic consequences if we do not act together now. That’s why we decided to fully involve them in our journey. Each in his city, we will meet children in primary schools to speak about environment and our project. These kids will be able to aks us any question they like, questions we will ask to the people met along the way. This will allow them to understand what people in the affected regions really feel and how the issue of climate change is perceived in other regions than their own (see the Schools section).

This website is first and foremost for them, so they can live with us this great adventure and be the responsible adults of tomorrow this world needs.

The route of our trip can be seen HERE.

Entries of the blog can be accessed THERE.

If you wish to have us talk in front of your students (see the Schools section) or make an audio or video interview (see the Media section), please contact us.