Wow! I gave my first talk to Montreal kids today! It was at Stanislas school, in Outremont, Montreal. The children were wonderful, participating, asking questions and interested in the project. As Jean had told me, these moments are pure magic! I can’t wait for April, 17th to meet them again, this time with my bike and all the equipment.

Thank you all for being there.

The pictures are available there:


I now have my plane ticket too! I’ll land in Vancouver 45 minutes Jean and leave 5 minutes before him. I just need a bike now…

Alaska, here we are!


We visited our first school! Jean met the children of one of the schools from the Eco Schools Network in Scotland: Kincardine near Menteith. Children asked many questions, questions we will ask ourselves to the population encountered along the way. Jean will visit them again before leaving for Vancouver, and once more after our trip to talk about our journey. Click on the links below to see the pictures of his visit.

Jean visits his first school in Scotland – 1

Jean visits his first school in Scotland – 2


Here it is! Jean just bought its plane ticket from Glasgow to Vancouver. We will have to go now, no matter what (to be honest, we didn’t wait for the ticket to be bought to be sure we would do this trip). The trip will thus be from June, 29th to September, 20th.