Today, I got my Salsa Ala Carte! It’s orange, weighs 14.6 kgs and gave me the smoothest ride I ever had. Riding this bike makes me realize the huge difference there is between such bikes and the ones I rode until now.

Pictures of it can be found THERE.


  1. Rob 10.03 pm

    It’s a sweet ride, Nicolas!! You did your homework really well, and the bike is awesome! She’s going to give you miles of smooth sailing, and I doubt she’ll ever let you down! Way to go! Now for the training!

  2. nicolas 10.28 pm

    Thanks, Rob! As for the training, since I did 57 kms in 3 hours yesterday and Jean did 121 kms in 6 hours today, I might have a bit to catch up 😉

  3. LTonton 11.48 am

    Kind of true, dear nephew, you ought to speed up a bit ! Mind you, you’re only 7 kms late !


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