In exactly a month, we will be in Vancouver (without anywhere to stay yet) for the beginning of our trip. We are almost ready (except for the video camera, a few schools to visit, having the access to the Arctic Ocean granted and the bear-proof containers) and have only one desire: leave!

Besides that, we have had just over 1000 visits in May (compared to 584 in April, 151 in March and 52 in February, for a grand total of 1789) and 162 different visitors. This is not that much, but it encourages us in what we are doing.
Regarding the training, Jean cycled 680 miles so far and I cycled 400. I have a hard time realizing that what I did in 6 weeks is going to be our weekly average.

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After a long break, the blog is finally updated. We read all the questions we have received and we compiled them in the page Questions. We will answer the ones concerning the preparation in the next month and the rest during our trip.

We can already make some comments:

– the most concerned about our health (and also the ones thinking of the most frightening situations) are the girls
– when the Scots wonder if some plants have already gone extinct, the Quebecers ask for our budget and what we would do when confronted to a grizzli.These are all great questions and we hope our answers will contain all the information you want.

I will complete this post by answering one question I particularly like:

Are you aware of the danger of this trip? Marian

Well, probably not as much as our parents wish us to be. However, if we were aware of the danger of this trip, we would probably not do it and that would be really sad.