Jean et Nicolas are now in Alaska since Wednesday (or tuesday, I’m not sure). They plan to be at Fairbanks tomorrow evening. They also saw their first grizzli. The good news is that they seem to be still alive, even if I don’t have the details about this meeting.
To celebrate all this news I added two new drawings.
And if you wish to have a better envisionning of their way from Vancouver to Whitehorse (I don’t have yet the details of their more recent adventures) you can do it here. By clicking on the yardsticks you can read the french version of their journal (sorry, I didn’t have time to do the english one yet) and see some photos related to the place.


  1. nicolas 11.38 pm

    Actually, we crossed the border on monday (with a very cute cariboo stamp on our passports) and we just made it to Fairbanks. Lots of news tomorrow (and videos, if we manage to upload them)!

  2. PJ 9.09 am

    Merci pour la carte Google avec les signets. C’est très pratique et ça impressionne beaucoup ! Où comptez-vous toucher l’océan arctique ?

  3. mumu 1.03 pm

    Du côté de Prudhoe Bay je crois.

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