Here are some answers to the questions asked by the chlidren of the schools. (And all these questions are available here.)

Where will you put your spare wheel?
We each have a foldable tire and a few spare spokes. Luckily, we haven’t had to use any of them so far.

How many clothes will you take with you?
We just bought some very warm clothes in case of arctic temperatures in Prudhoe Bay. All in all, we have approximately 5 tops, 2 pairs of pants and 4 pairs of underwear each.

How are you going to wash your clothes?
We use a multi-purpose cleaner and a foldable basin (see here).

What will you do if you meet a grizzly?
Well, what DID we do when we saw a grizzly? We stopped as soon as we saw it. Then, while walking back slowly and keeping an eye on it (but without looking at it in the eyes), we identified us as humans by calmly speaking and waving our hands. If it adopts an aggressive behaviour and there is an imminent assault, we each carry a bear spray to deter it.

How do the people help tackling climate change ?
Even if lots of people are aware of climate change, few actually do something about it and change their way of life.

How has the way of life of first Nations changed ?
The way of life of First Nations has deeply changed recently, independently of climate change. However, the most obvious effect of global warming on their way of life is the change of migratory routes which leads, as a consequence, to the disappearance of some settlements (see Climate Change post).

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