The contest closed on september 6th and, with amazing reactivity, I can now reveal the winner!
Congratulations to Jérôme who was the closest one to the true weight of my bike. He was still pretty far off, though, as my bike weighed 59 kgs when leaving Fairbanks.

He’ll get his prize as soon as I stop forgetting bringing it to the lab.


We did it! We reached the Arctic Ocean monday, August 27th after more than 3200 miles and 8 weeks of cycling. The last day has been challenging since the temperature was -6 degrees when we woke up and -4 when we started cycling.

The next days have been a bit more hectic. Since the shuttle which was supposed to bring us back to Fairbanks never came and since we didn’t want to fly back, we hitchhiked for two days before getting a ride from a truck driver on the 29th, at 7PM. The trip lasted 18 hours, during which we slept 5. We arrived in Fairbanks today, exhausted but very happy.

We’ll now take a rest day before heading towards Anchorage on September 1st.

We’ll give you more detailed news ASAP.

Jean and Nicolas.


Hi everyone,

Just a small post to tell you that we are in Dawson City, after 4 days on a boring road whose only interest was to lead us north. We saw the vegetation changing and it was -2 degrees this morning when we woke up. I even broke a peg of my tent just by stepping on it.

This afternoon will be spent in museums, saloons and walking on dusty streets till dusk, which is about midnight. We’ll discover the Top of the World Highway tomorrow, maybe even reaching the Yukon – Alaska border. — Nicolas



Following a question from a pupil in Scotland, we decided to keep a record of the main animals we see on the way. So, so far, we’ve seen:

-2 snakes

-2 black bears

-2 mountain goats

-1 eagle

-6 deers

I am still looking forward to seeing a moose (less sure regarding a grizzly!!!)




Hello there,

We arrived safely in Vancouver on Friday (Jean has obviously been lucky to be able to leave Glasgow). The last two days have been spent buying the last bits of equipment and visiting Stanley Park.
We will leave Vancouver tomorrow, heading east. We intend to reach Banff in the Rockies in the next ten days. The only way to leave Vancouver by bike is on the highway (that is obviously what everyone does around here). We have some apprehension but we are very happy to start this great adventure.

We will give you some updates as soon as we can.

See you soon,

Nicolas and Jean