Who are we?


Born 31st March 1979, 28 years old, environmental economist in Stirling (Scotland).

Education and experience

  • B.Sc in Mathematics applied and Social Sciences (Paris Dauphine)
  • Master degree in Environmental economics (Toulouse)

After having worked for two years in Adour-Garonne water agency as an economist in Toulouse (France), he now works as environmental economist in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in Stirling (Scotland). Interested in environment for more than 10 years, Jean has worked as a volunteer in England (North Devon with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteer), in Ivory Coast (laguna cleansing in a small town) and with the WWF in France during an educational campaign aiming children.

Travels and sports
Jean has the travelling bug. In the last 10 years, he travelled to East Europe, Australia, Africa, Ireland, Scotland and South America. He organised a one month trek in Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Fitz Roy) in Autumn 2005 for a group involving four other persons. Regarding cycling, Jean has ridden his bicycle around Ireland in 1999 (1200 miles) and has taken part in the “Brittany tour” in 1996 (750 miles in 6 days).

What does this trip mean for Jean?

“This trip is a great occasion to cycle parts of the world which are emblematic today on an environmental level and to live a great human and sportive adventure. Involving children in the project is the best way to make future generation aware of the need to protect the planet.”


Born 31st October 1981, 25 years old, PhD candidate in Computer Science in Montreal (Canada).

Education and experience

  • Master degree in Artificial Intelligence and Vision (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan)
  • Master degree in Applied Mathematics (Ecole Centrale Paris)

Nicolas was a member of the Eco Marathon Shell team of the Ecole Centrale Paris, whose goal was to design the most fuel-efficient car possible. He has also been helping secondary school children who encountered studying difficulties. Finally, he has been a teacher assistant for graduate students.

Travels and sports

Nicolas travelled to Europe, North America and North Africa. He hitchhiked across Canada (in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) for 6 weeks. He practiced judo and tennis for seven years. He now plays rugby, soccer, ice hockey, tennis and squash. He also rides his bike as commuter (nearly one hour a day).

What does this trip mean for Nicolas?

“This trip is a wonderful occasion to discover some places of Earth we dreamt of as kids. Cycling will help us be closer to the wilderness we will encounter. Teaching children the utter necessity to protect our planet by sharing our different experience will bring a lot to them and to us. Finally, living with my brother all the difficulties we will face will also be an exciting part of that adventure.”