Here are the questions that have been asked to us so far. The answers will be added before (for those regarding the preparation as well as for general questions) and during our trip (for all the others).


What will you do if it rains when you are cycling?
We have waterproof equipment, so except if the conditions are really, really bad, we will keep cycling when it rains. — Jean

In Alaska, will you cycle on road or on snow?
We will always travel on road. Some road will be gravel roads. We do not expect to have snow on the road. However, it is not completely impossible to have snow close from the Arctic Ocean. The snow should be removed from the road as vehicles need to use the road. If there is snow on the road itself, we will not be in a position to cycle. We will then either wait for the snow to be removed or we will have to change our plans and to use another route. — Jean

Will there be snow in the Rockies?
There will probably be snow on the tops of the Rocky Mountains. No snow is expected on the road though. — Jean

If you are caught in a very violent storm, will you keep going or giving up? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas
If we are caught in a very violent storm, we will look for a shelter and wait for the storm to calm down. We will not keep going. — Jean

Will it be hot in your tent? — Sara, Ecole Stanislas

If there is snow on the way, what are you going to do ? — Marian, Ecole Stanislas


Where will you put the spare wheel? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas
We each have a foldable tire and a few spare spokes. Luckily, we haven’t had to use any of them so far.

Do you have equipment to repair the bikes?

How many clothes will you take with you?
We just bought some very warm clothes in case of arctic temperatures in Prudhoe Bay. All in all, we have approximately 5 tops, 2 pairs of pants and 4 pairs of underwear each.

Do you have a gas stove to heat? — Fanny, Ecole Stanislas

How are you going to wash your clothes? — Sara, Ecole Stanislas
We use a multi-purpose cleaner and a foldable basin (see here).

What will you do if the bike breaks down? — All of the Ecole Stanislas

What will you do to carry clothes, water and food? — Paul, Ecole Stanislas

What if you forget something? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas

What if your luggage falls off? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas

What if your bike is stolen? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas


In Alaska, are you going to see seals? — Penguins?

What will you do if you meet a polar bear? — Malyka, Ecole Stanislas

What will you do if you meet a grizzly?
Well, what DID we do when we saw a grizzly? We stopped as soon as we saw it. Then, while walking back slowly and keeping an eye on it (but without looking at it in the eyes), we identified us as humans by calmly speaking and waving our hands. If it adopts an aggressive behaviour and there is an imminent assault, we each carry a bear spray to deter it.


Are you going to take an insurance?

What if you start starving to death and there is no town around? — Sara, Ecole Stanislas

What if you hurt yourself?

Will you have a car or an helicopter assisting you in case of major issue like falling into a deep cave? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas

Are you aware of the danger of this trip? — Marian, Ecole Stanislas
Well, probably not as much as our parents wish us to be. However, if we were aware of the danger of this trip, we would probably not do it and that would be really sad. — Nicolas

Are you not going to be tired? — Fanny, Ecole Stanislas

Are you scared ? — Stressed?

Climate change

Which are the most endangered species? Did we see any of them? — Chloe, Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School

What has been noticed in terms of climate? Is it getting hotter or colder? — Louise, Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School

How do the people help tackling climate change? — Matthew and Sean, Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School
Even if lots of people are aware of climate change, few actually do something about it and change their way of life.

What is the most endangered plant? — Jane, Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School

What will happen once the ice has melted? — Jack, Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School

How has the way of life of first Nations changed? — Jane (headteacher), Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School
The way of life of First Nations has deeply changed recently, independently of climate change. However, the most obvious effect of global warming on their way of life is the change of migratory routes which leads, as a consequence, to the disappearance of some settlements (see Climate Change post).

Have they noticed any plant disappearing? — Conor, Kincardine-in-Menteith Primary School

Is there still any chance for animals threatened by extinction? — Emmanuelle, Ecole Stanislas

What are you going to do to pollute less? — Francois-Olivier, Ecole Stanislas

How much pollution will Jean create by going to British Columbia ? — Anonyme, Ecole Stanislas

Food and drink

Are you going to fish in Alaska?

Are you going to have enough food or are you going to hunt?

Where are you going to put the food not to attract animals? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas

Will you have money if you starve to death? — Amanda, Ecole Stanislas

If you do not have water, what are you going to drink? — Sara, Ecole Stanislas

What if you do not have anything to eat and drink? — Adelina, Ecole Stanislas

If an animal eats all your food and the closest town is several bike days away, what will you do to survive? — Marian, Ecole Stanislas

Will you bring a lot of food? — Ahmed, Ecole Stanislas

Travelling and communicating

How long will the trip last? — Tracy, Ecole Stanislas

Are you going to sleep outside? — Tracy, Ecole Stanislas

What are you going to do if people do not speak the same language than you ? — Michael, Ecole Stanislas

Why this route?

What is the budget to carry out such a trip?

Have you already done something like this? — Fanny, Ecole Stanislas

How many towns are you going to cycle across? — Alexander, Ecole Stanislas

Will you talk on TV about your trip? — Ahmed, Ecole Stanislas

What time will you wake up to cycle? — Paul, Ecole Stanislas

Why do not you just travel by plane? — Cheich-Oumar, Ecole Stanislas

Do you have maps to go there? — Fanny, Ecole Stanislas

When in mountains are, are you cycling across or around them ?

What will you do if you lose your way, lose your compass and map? — Elena, Ecole Stanislas (with a nice bear drawing)

If you can’t go back, will you stay ion the north? — Marian, Ecole Stanislas

Do not you fear that the ice breaks up? — Paul, Ecole Stanislas

What did, in environment, give you the motivation to do this long trip? — Charlotte, Ecole Stanislas

Allez-vous rencontrer beaucoup de personnes ? — Fanny, Ecole Enfant-Soleil